10 Tips To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram has grown in popularity in recent years and it logged a staggering 2 billion active users per month in December 2021 up from over 1 billion as of June 2018 according to the data released by Statista. So having a good number of Instagram followers is quite a thing now.

Young millennials actively share images and videos on the visually-rich social network. It is the goal for all of them to keep growing their followers on Instagram. I’m sure of this because my niece constantly complains about how her Instagram followers aren’t growing as fast as she’d prefer it.

So I decided to aid not only her but also numerous other Instagram users that I have met who are working to grow the follower numbers. Here are 10 suggestions to follow.

10 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Followers

1. Stick To A Niche:
I’ve seen many making the error of focusing on everything that is trending when they post on their Instagram accounts. This is a way to confuse people regarding your area of expertise, passion, and genuineness. Choose only one or two areas such as fitness, beauty, or traveling, then discover your interests to the max.

2. Combine Multiple Images:
Take a variety of photos and put them together into a collage-like image using apps such as Diptic to draw more attention to your photos.

3. Write Descriptive Captions:
You’ve uploaded a photo, however, to increase engagement and encourage sharing, you must utilize words to convey an intriguing story along with the image. It is also possible to ask questions to boost engagement.

4. Like Pictures Of Your Target Audience:
Neil Patel shared that when the photographer liked 100 random images from fellow Instagram followers, he racked up 21.7 likes on his photos and 6.1 more followers. Liking the posts of other users helps to connect with people who aren’t part of your circle of friends. Thus increasing the chances of gaining more followers.

5. Comment For More Followers:
People share photos of each other constantly time. However, few make the effort to leave a comment on the photos. Make a habit of commenting on your fellow bloggers’ photos and they’ll be able to do the same for you.

6. Be Consistent In Posting Content:
Even even if you post photos and videos of high-quality constantly time If you only make it a few times a week or every 10 days, it will not make a difference in the number of Instagram followers. I’d suggest you post at minimum one or two quality and high-resolution photos and videos each day and gradually increase to four or five posts every day.

7. Be Creative With Hash Tags:
Hashtags are an excellent option to share your photos with more people through Instagram. Utilizing popular hashtags such as #instagood, #tbt, #love, and #photooftheday is an excellent method to have your photos noticed by searchers. But, I’d suggest not limiting yourself to single-word or obvious hashtags. Try mixing them to create unique hashtags that can tell humorous, funny, or outrageous tales.

8. Use Popular Filters:
Make use of popular filters such as Normal, Earlybird, Hefe, and X-Proll. Rise, Valenca Amaro, etc. To alter the style and appearance of the videos and images in accordance with your purpose and preference for the brand.

9. Timing Is Everything:
I’ve seen that posting photos on Mondays at 5 pm PST increases the chance of receiving a higher number of comments, likes and comments, just as posting on Thursday or Wednesday at 3 pm, PST. Find out more about the most efficient time to post to the specific time zone.

10. Brutally Edit Your Account:
Remove all unnecessary photos that include food items, photos, and other random images, and then leave the account with only top, highest-quality photos.

The process of gaining followers on Instagram is easy if you have something original and interesting things to say. Therefore, be imaginative and apply these techniques to become insta-famous!

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